5 weeks to go…

We don’t know where to begin. Thank so much everyone for all the kind comments and words of encouragement, they mean a huge amount to us.

We’ve been bowled over by the number of donations so far. It’s been only a few days since we let friends and family know about this blog and we have already raised about 1000 Euros. Thank you everybody!

Going nowhere fastSo 5 weeks to go before the big day. Wow! I can’t believe how fast it’s going. This weekend I didn’t get any training done due to finally succumbing to the dreaded gastro bug that Colette and Joseph had last week. It was good timing though since the weather here has been cold and miserable and not very motivating anyway. Never mind, all was not lost, since Colette and I spent a romantic evening for two (!) setting up the triathlon bars on my racing bike. I’ll be using these in the triathlon to make me more aerodynamic and, hopefully, go a little bit faster! I’m starting to feel better now, so hopefully full training will resume shortly. Putting the triathlon bars on my bike did suddenly make it all feel very real and it took me ages to get to sleep that night.

Joseph is now fully recovered from his bug and is on great form. It’s funny how, even with all his disabilities, in many ways he’s just like any other child of his age: we’re having great fun trying to get him to eat any vegetables and fruit at the moment! He screams at us as if he’s in agonizing pain and big tears roll down his face. What a drama! It’s amazing how his tears dry up and the agonizing pain subsides within seconds of the first mouthful of yogurt…

Having physioJoseph had a double whammy of psychomotricienne and physiotherapy today. Both therapists were really happy with his progress. He was holding his head well when following stimuli and his face was very expressive as he anticipated bubbles landing on him and bursting. His right hand was much more mobile – he opened his hand and clutched things much quicker than usual.  His left hand was less co-operative but in general, Joseph was much more present, interactive and interested in what was going on today.  He was dishing out smiles and charm by the bucketful!

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