4 weeks to go…

I swear I only wrote “5 weeks to go” yesterday! Where does the time go?

It’s official: not only am I nervous, but the panic attacks have started. I had my first “losing control” dream last night. I get these a lot whenever I’m stressed by something. These dreams often involve my teeth crumbling to pieces and falling out (I have no idea, before you ask). Alternatively, I’ll dream that I’m about to do a cycle race and waiting on the start line and realize that I’ve forgotten my bike, or that my tyres have deflated, or a wheel is missing. Whatever is wrong – I usually wake up with my heart pounding and all knotted up with nervous tension.

So last night’s dream took on a new theme: the Ironman Triathlon. We arrived in Zurich in the middle of the night with only a few hours to spare before the start of the race. I was tired and the race was due to start very soon. I hadn’t even registered or put my kit in the transition zone (you’re supposed to do this the day before).

Batman and RobinNow back to reality: this week Joseph has been on superb form. He’s been smiling and squealing all week. Yesterday it was my birthday (34) and we went out for a meal in Albertville. I don’t know what it is about restaurants but Joseph loves telling everyone how happy he is! 🙂

On wednesday we all went swimming together in the local pool. Swimming is my least favorite sport of the three. Hamsters and wheels come to mind. It’s just so boring and repetitive, and wet. The Ironman swim distance is 3.8km which equates to 160 lengths! I swim and swim and swim and finally, after what seems an eternity, I reach 10 lengths!

Not BaywatchKeeping on the swimming theme, we went to Annecy yesterday so that I could try out the wet suit. In triathlons the swim is usually in open water – the sea, a lake, or a river. This means that competitors have to wear a wetsuit in order to not die of hyperthermia (!). Yesterday was no exception: the Lake at Annecy has not had a chance to be warmed by the sun (it’s been a very cold and wet spring so far), and is full of fresh snow melt. Brrr. This does have one advantage though: ignoring the temperature, it is like swimming in the Caribbean (I’ve never been there but I’ve seen pictures!). The water is crystal clear and blue. If you’re ever down in the French Alpes, I highly recommend going to Annecy; it’s one of our favorite towns.

After the swim I got on my bike and rode 45km around the lake to Albertville for some dinner with Colette and Joseph. The ride was a real “no chainer” – a strong tailwind enabling me to do well over 40kph the whole way with little effort. It’s great to practice the swim-bike transition and I’ve found a potential area for performance improvement: rather than spending hours riding my bike or in the pool, I should try and cut down the time it takes to get out of a wet suit and into my cycle gear. It took me a whopping 30 minutes, during which I amused Colette and Joseph by getting stuck in the wet suit, then hopping about with one leg stuck in it, then slipping over in swan pooh, then cursing the swan pooh, finally finishing off with a nice cycle shoe induced ballet dancing number (swan lake?). Now there’s something to have a “losing control” dream about…

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