Please read: making donations

I thought I’d better tell everyone that we’ve had a couple of friends of ours thinking that they had successfully donated money through the Paypal donation page, when in fact it looks like something went wrong somewhere.

If you tried to donate but you are not sure if it worked or not then check that all of the following have occurred:

  • Once Paypal has successfully processed your donation, you will be automatically sent to a page like this.
  • Paypal will send you an email containing a receipt which will be sent to you within an hour.
  • We are notified of each donation as they arrive and we make an effort to personally respond to each and every person who makes a donation within 48 hours.

If any of the above did not occur then something may have gone wrong and your donation was not processed.  If this is the case then feel free to contact us directly at:tri4joe [at] gmail [dot] comand we will check our records.

Please note that between Thursday 10 July and Wednesday 16th July we may be slow to respond to everyone because we will be in Zurich, Switzerland for the Ironman competition on Sunday July 13th.  I believe that our hotel does have internet access.

Once again, we thank you all for your continued support, generosity, and lovely words of encouragement.  We read everyone of them and they all mean a lot to us.

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