1 day to go

We made it to Zurich on Thursday – it was quite a long trip as we kept having to stop for Joseph – he didn’t get on too well with the heat and being cramped up for so long.  We left at 1.30pm and got here at about 9pm.  Yesterday, Matt registered and had his race briefing for the Ironman.  Matt queuing to register

Around 2,500 people are registered to race here tomorrow.  We get up at 4.30am tomorrow morning and race start is at 7.00am.  Matt’s just about to go out for a bike spin now as the torrential rain from this morning has stopped and it’s starting to clear up a bit.

Matt at race briefingHe seems pretty calm which is good.  There’ll be plenty of time for nerves in the morning!

Joseph has been a super star and is sleeping OK, considering the 34 degree heat we’ve had for the past couple of nights.  I’ll try and get back to the hotel tomorrow morning when Matt gets out on the bike after the swim, so that I can give you a quick update on how his start went.

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