One down and two to go

4am alarm call from JosephWe didn’t need an alarm clock this morning as Joseph made sure we were up at 4am!  The torrential rain forced us to change from plan A to plan B – get the car instead of walking to the start.  There is nowhere to park within 20 minutes walk of the race start, so I drove and dropped Matt off at the race start and went in search of a parking spot.

En route to getting back to Matt, I get a call on the mobile, with a worrying: “Are you far from the car?….I forgot my goggles”.   There’s always something eh?  We decided it was best that Matt tried to buy a new pair at the race expo bit as I couldn’t risk going all the way back to the hotel and missing him for the start.Check out those new goggles

Joseph and I kissed Matt good luck just before he got into the water at 7am.  In between dripping umbrellas, we managed to get a glimpse of him coming out of the swim at about 8am and into the bike transition and we also spotted him starting on the bike.  Joseph and I then came back here to the hotel to get some breakfast and change our clothes.  No amount of rain kit could keep out the rain!  We’ll head back shortly to hopefully catch sight of him coming in off the bike – all things going well.

Glimpse of matt coming out of the swimThanks for all your good luck and well wishes – Matt should get around on telepathic support alone!  I’ll get back later with the final update.

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