Hot on the heels of the previous post about The Myelin Project UK registering with, I am pleased to also announce Run4Joe.

Alex Tyrrell, a close friend of ours who lives in the UK and who is a member of our old triathlon club, is going to compete in the Beachy Head Marathon which takes place on the 25th October 2008. This running race is probably the toughest marathon in the UK. It is entirely off-road and very hilly. In addition, if the weather is bad, it can become grueling to say the least because the running trails quickly become very muddy! Alex is not doing this event alone, he has also managed to encourage several friends (victims?) to take part as well.

Together they aim to complete this event and, in doing so, raise money for The Myelin Project UK via their fundraising page. I spoke to Alex a few days ago and he was looking fit and confident having been training hard most days.

We will track their progress here on the Tri4Joe blog. Meanwhile please go and look at their fundraising page on and sponsor them (or use the donate button on the little Run4Joe panel above).

Alternatively, you can use Run4Joe as a template for creating your own fundraising event – remember to tell us about it though!

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