Joey gets the green light

Joseph and MummyWell after all the doom and gloom in my last post I have some good news! In fact, pretty much the day after the “doom and gloom post” Joseph seemed to start recovering much quicker. Maybe everyone reading the post sent good vibes? Who knows? I’m not the superstitious type, but it did seem a bit odd I have to say (and thank you if you did send good vibes – can you let me know next time and I’ll pick some lottery numbers as well).

Joseph’s tummy wound has closed up loads and now only leaks a small amount which is much more managable: the acid dries up before it does any harm. Our weekend break in the Ardeche went well and our good luck continued (long may it continue!) – the weather was superb (24C) and the fresh air, change of scenery, sunshine, and great company (thanks Guy and Helyn) was a great tonic for all of us.

Joseph meets Bob the BuilderJoseph loved his break – he got to meet lots of animals. The place we stayed in had chickens and sheep and some very imaginative children who claimed that there were dinosaur and monster (as if dinosaurs weren’t scary enough) fossils everywhere. He also got to sit next to Bob the Builder’s tractor – well that’s what Joseph thought at least. He was delighted.

Since the weekend break, Joseph’s started back at physio and we’ve felt confident enough to try him out in his trotter again. The really good news is that, despite almost six weeks of very little physical activity he does not seem to have regressed. In fact, in some ways I think that he is stronger than before.

Joseph meets Shaun the SheepYesterday we had our final checkup at the hospital where the good news continued: the doctor was pleased with Joseph’s progress and gave us the all clear. We only need to go back every six months or so to change his tube. The hospital visit was not without trauma as per usual. Before we could see the doctor, Joseph had to have an x-ray showing his swallowing and stomach as it processed liquid. Joseph had to be kept still for this so they strapped him to a wooden board – and when I say “strapped” I really mean it! He looked like an Egyption Mummy poor thing.

Gin and Tonic please dadNevertheless, Joseph thought that it was great fun! He particularly liked the bit where they spun him upside down in order to get different views. The only traumatic bit was when they inserted the nasal tube to put the liquid in – it’s everyone’s nightmare: trapped and unable to move while someone sticks something up your nose. Yuck. I’m not surprised Joseph is still waking up at night screaming. Hopefully this should improve over the next few days.

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