Epic4Joe – prologue complete

Just a very quick post to tell you all that Mark and Dave have completed the Cape Epic prologue in a great time and are in good shape for the rest of the race.

Mark has been sending me updates via email so he must have internet access. The race can’t be that hard if there’s internet access at each stage finish! I had images of them finishing exhausted and then having hunt down their own food while fighting off lions and other savage creatures – not fighting over network cables! 😉

Since Mark’s updates make great reading (so far anyway – may be they’ll get shorter as he gets more tired?!), I am loathed to lose them amongst other blog posts. To that end, I have created a separate page where I have cut and pasted his messages word for word. You can access the page easily from the Epic4Joe Diary menu option at the top of the page. I will update this page every day as I receive Mark’s messages so make sure to come back regularly and take a look.

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