Happy New Year 2010!

Joseph had a great Christmas and New Year and was utterly spoiled by his grand parents and auntie and uncle. We think this year was the first year that Joey started to understand and get excited with presents. Like most children of his age (perhaps a bit younger) he seemed more interested in the wrapping paper, whereas his daddy (me) was more interested in his presents – especially the remote controlled flashing police car that his aunty and uncle brought him.

We were hoping for a white Christmas but the weather got really warm and wet, so sadly we could not introduce Joey to the Swift family’s passion for sledging. Even more frustrating was that the snow arrived in force the day after everyone left for England. Joey loves the snow (almost as much as daddy) especially leaping up and down in powder snow.

You’ll also see from the photo that we have discovered that Joey (again like his daddy) has an obsession with fire. We literally have to pin him down in order to prevent him from burning himself on candles. He’d stare at them for hours if he could!

Anyway, thank you everyone for your continued good wishes and support. Joseph has continued to make steady progress throughout 2009 and the signs are (fingers crossed) that he’ll continue to make progress in 2010.

Donation page update

We have just closed both our EUR and GBP Paypal accounts and will shortly forward the balances to their respective charities (ELA and Myelin Project UK). I could see very little point in keeping these accounts open since Paypal take a significant percentage (2-3%) commission and also do not automatically handle national charity related tax relief schemes (e.g. Gift Aid in the UK). I have updated the donation page so that the donation buttons now link directly to the ELA and Myelin Project UK donation pages.

If you would like to do your own fund-raising activity on behalf of Tri4Joe then please let me know. The ELA and Myelin Project UK have respectively AiderDonner and JustGiving accounts which can be used to construct your own fund-raising page which we can then link to and blog about on Tri4Joe. Contact us if you need any help.

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