First day at school….

Joey had his first day at school this week.  Well, school in a loose sense, but an exciting and big step for him and us nonetheless.  He has started in a ‘social, medical and educational’ centre called Ninon Vallin.  He will go there for two days a week and is one of seven children in a group called ‘les poussins’ (baby chickens).  The centre is specially adapted to help socialise, educate and care for children with multiple disabilities from the age of four to eighteen.

We brought Joey into the centre for his first day in his little trotter (walking frame with wheels) and within seconds he was off scooting down the wide open corridors exploring each room.   And that was it.  No clinging, no tears (well, apart from his mothers!), not even a glance over his shoulder to see where we were.  With his cheeky grin in full use, already after one day, he has managed to charm the nurses, teachers and carers, along with a little girl in his group!

Hopefully, this new start at Ninon Vallin will help Joey’s progress in many ways. We will work with a team at the centre to develop a personal plan for him.  This plan will aim to help meet some of his special needs, for example, exploring techniques to help him communicate etc.   He will also have physiotherapy and other various therapies at the centre.   He will continue to have one session of physio at home and all other consultations will continue at hospital as normal (eg: neurological and gastric related appointments).

Meanwhile, with two days a week on her own, guess who’ll be wiping down cobwebs, not in the house, but from her bike (and credit card – Matt)! Big grin.

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