Joey amongst the stars

On Saturday 13th November 2010, Joseph will appear on National French TV with some celebrities who are giving their time to help with a national fundraising exercise for ELA. For friends who are in France, the show is called: ‘Les stars se depassent pour ELA’ and will be broadcast on TF1 at 20h45 local time. Joey will be with some of his friends from ELA and it should be an interesting weekend!

The following weekend we return to Paris where Joey will spend another day with his ELA friends at Disneyland. Rumour has it that we’ll be meeting Zinidine Zidane, so we’ll go equipped with jerseys and photos for signing!

In general, Joey is in great form and making progress all the time. He is making a really big effort to be understood, using his eyes to look at what he wants and intonation in a yes and no manner. It’s still a bit of a guessing game, but when we get it right, he now rewards us with a big smile and a mmmmmmmm. Matt and I are always impressed by Joey’s fighting character and determination.

Our friend, Uncle Bill, spent some time here with us in September and together with Matt, they have built a superb terrace around part of the house. This new ‘room’ gives Joey ample outdoor freedom in his trotter and we’re all so thrilled with it. So thank you and super well done to Bill and Matt for all the hard work. Next job is to put up a railing to stop Joey from sailing off the edge.  I also want to create a sensory garden in and around the terrace for Joey and his friends to enjoy.

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