A day of magic

Thank you Zinidine Zidane, all the team at ELA and the volunteers and staff at Disneyland for a magical day at Eurodisney in Paris, on Saturday 20th November 2010.

800 ELA families were united in putting aside their struggles for a few hours and instead enjoy the sunshine, camaraderie and sparkle of Disneyland.  We were guided by volunteers, led to the most suitable rides, taken to the front of queues, and given complementary meals. We were also joined by a long list of celebrities who came to help and raise awareness about leukodystrophy for the media and the public.

Joey was a little bit tired from the long journey there but enjoyed a ride on a rocket with his Daddy and was in awe of the music and lighting all around. Sadly, he fell asleep for the wonderful Disney parade finale, despite the very loud music! and woke up when the last float passed by.  Never mind, hopefully there’ll be another opportunity ahead.

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