Stealing hearts

Foulee Blanche Jan 2011Matt insists that 2011 will be a better year. So far, so good.  Matt started his new job in January, Joey’s new cousin; Benjamin Matthew Brooker was born on the 12 February, and Joey will have another new cousin in Ireland in mid June. At the end of February, we spent a lovely week in Ireland catching up with family and friends. Joey had great fun with his 8 Irish cousins. Jack, the youngest, spent the week giving Joey loads of kisses ‘to make him better’ and was tirelessly showing Joey ‘how to eat’. His older cousins were asking lots of questions about whether Joey will ever walk or talk. It’s always difficult to find the right words or know how to respond.

Pirate Joe
Joey now spends three days a week at his special school. The overall objectives at the moment are on separation, socialisation and communication. He enjoys group activities such as listening to music, floor gym and painting using his hands. He also has one to one physio, occupational therapy and psychomotor sessions. He comes home smiling and has a little note book or ‘carnet’ which his teacher fills in each day to report on his mood, what he enjoyed that day etc. We in turn fill in what’s been happening at home and how Joey has been on the days when he’s not at school.

In general, Joey is in great form; he’s very happy in himself, has increased energy levels, improved body tone, and is quite vocal and uses a variety of different ‘dadada’ type sounds. Despite not being able to speak any words, he can clearly express when he either really wants or doesn’t want something. He is also developing quite a naughty streak, especially when it comes to opening and closing the oven door with a cake inside! His sideways glance and saucy grin tells it all.  He understands that this is forbidden but can’t resist the danger and excitement of being told off as he scoots off in his trotter giggling and squeeling loudly.

He continues to steal our hearts each day….

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