Six years already

We marked Joey’s sixth birthday by spending Saturday afternoon at the bowling alley with some of his friends and classmates.

After a few too many birthdays lost as to what we could organise for Joey and his friends, I took heart after one of the other Mum’s organised a party at a local play gym (she booked the entire place and had an ‘adapted’ set up arranged for the children). Inspired by her ‘can do’ attitude, I made a few enquiries and booked the bowling alley which I was promised could welcome disabled groups.

When we arrived Joey’s eyes widened as he thought the queue of about 100 kids were all there for him 🙂 It was a birthday session for about 12 groups. Our table, assigned for cake and drinks after the bowling, was easy to spot; we were the table with chairs only along one side. The adapted ‘ramp’ we were promised was a bit ‘system D’, as the French describe it ie: not much use, but we made the most of it and had some fun.

An email is on its way to the bowling alley politely pushing for a better and more adapted system which exists in other bowling centres (the first one I saw and my original idea to bring Joey bowling was thanks to Mr Tumble’s ‘Something Special’ on Cbeebies). The main thing though is that we celebrated and marked Joey’s birthday, for him and his friends, in a social setting, just like all the other kids there that day.


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