Long time no update

Wow, it’s been so long since we updated Joey’s blog, I don’t know where to begin. There never seems to be enough time or energy left at the end of each day to put fingers to the keyboard!

The main push in getting Joey’s blog started again is thanks to my brother John who is training hard to run in the Cork City Marathon on the 1st June 2015. John will be fundraising for ELA (European Leukodystrophy Association), our chosen charity with whom we have a very close relationship. We have had so much support over the years from ELA, via the events organised, through the families we’ve met and shared many experiences with and the dedicated team who tirelessly raise funds for medical research and also public awareness for this horrible illness.

I’ve been promising John for a few weeks now that I’d get my act together and set up a fundraising page for him and also put some up to date info and images on Joey’s blog. So, the next few posts is catch up time…

I’ll start with a link to John’s fundraising page.

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