From the past week…

Joseph Tignes ELA 2015Joey had a busy week, from a birthday party for his friend Alice to handi-skiing in Tignes and meeting some ELA supporters such as the 2013 Women’s Wimbledon Champion; Marion Bartoli, a French TV comedian; Titoff and the Olympic Silver Medalist in the Ski Half-pipe; Marie Martinod. The ski resort in Tignes invited 3 families from ELA to spend the week at the ski resort and they also hosted the ‘Air Ladies‘ half-pipe skiing competition, organised by the Olympic champion Marie Martinod.

12 top athletes from around the world competed at this event and they delighted the audience with their stunts and jumps! 15,000 euros was raised for ELA. Joey had 3 mornings skiing on a special seat with skiis. We have never seen Joe smile and squeal so much. The wonderful ski guide, Ludo, took Joey down the ‘half-pipe’ much to everyone’s delight!

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